The Door

My latest book ”The Door: A manual for managing panic, anxiety and depression” is available now. The book is published as audio for those who prefer to listen, and as watermarked PDF for reading via electronic devices:

E-book ISBN:

Audio book ISBN:

Writer, translator, editor, reader
and producer: Stella Tormanoff
Illustrated by Olga Vlasenko
29 985 words

Published 2023
by Pharos Media Productions 

”The Door – A manual for managing, panic, anxiety and depression” is the fourth book of the author Stella Tormanoff. The book is the writer’s own reflection about the society in general and the human psyche. In the thirty-thousand words of the text, the reader may find the answers to the major existential quests about life and suffering. The writer describes the logical connections between physics and metaphysicas, as well as those between feelings, thoughts and actions. The book contains a single chapter for each topic mentioned in the title; panic, anxiety and depression, where definitions are presented in a simple language as well as cause and effect for each of the mental states. The book is finalized with a program containing seven steps for self-analysis and tools for re-programming one’s own behavior.


Stella Tormanoff was born in 1980 in Sofia, Bulgaria. She got a record-deal with the Finnish indie record label Lion Music when she was twenty years old and in she published her own written rock-opera in 2002. The same year she moved to Sweden. In 2004 she published another album and the years after continued participating in several projects as a composer, singer and graphic designer. She is educated in humaniora, literature, art and media, characterized as unusually creative person with a strong free will. Stella Tormanoff has her own brand for textile design with concept recycling. She illustrates her own books, produces contents, graphics and audio material.

2015 Stella publishes her first book for children of
         age 4-9 years called ”3 Fairytales”. 

2017 ”The Teat Troll” (a fairytale for children between 2-4 years)

2022 ”Lina Ballerina and the Demons”

2022 ”The Door – A manual for managing panic, anxiety and depression”

Publishing company: Pharos Media Productions AB



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